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A world of Light & Sound in Calle Larios (Málaga)


Malaga City (Spain) premiered officially Christmas on 24th November with an innovative musical-lighting event to the rhythm of the “Last Christmas” song.


The maximum reliability and acoustic quality are paramount for a very famous event worldwide which host an incalculable number of spectators every year, thus, the show installation features more than 80.000 W of sound exclusively from Pro DG Systems, composed by:


54 units GT 2X8 LA + 18 units GTA 218 B SW + 4 units IT 212 PA.


After the initial spectacle, the show will be performed every day at 6.30pm and 9pm. We encourage all our fans, friends and field professionals to visit Calle Larios to enjoy with this amazing show.


Thank you very much to Ximénez Group for their trust in our company and products for the realization of this fantastic event.




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