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The most advanced tools and a trained workforce with extended experience in the manufacture of our own acoustic enclosures, hardware and all type of complements is available at our installations, this allows us to have an absolute control in the manufacture process of all our systems and apply an exhaustive quality control on all the parts which comprise our systems.





Pro DG Systems exclusively selects the best speaker components in the market to

ensure the maximum performance, sound quality and reliability in our systems.

Our engineering department allows us for a constant optimization of all the speaker

components  included in our  systems to improve the  performance and reliability of





All the  self-powered  products of  Pro DG Systems  count with our own  amplifier

modules Class-D of last generation.
Our amplifier modules are the most powerful in the market,  providing our different

systems with the maximum SPL and acoustic quality.
The protection scheme of our amplifier modules is the most comprehensive in the

industry and it is designed to ensure the constant  operation of our systems even

in very adverse conditions.

All of these allow us to create flexible and versatile  systems whatever the type of

need of each customer and always  ensuring the maximum  quality and reliability.




It is available for all the Pro DG Systems products. It includes all the control functions which are necessary in the modern acoustic engineering, being very intuitive and easy to use.

The included functions are:
- Grouping.

- Clear graphic editing of parametric EQs.
- Saving of PEQ graphs as images.

- Exporting presets as text files.
- Delays measurement in meters, millimeters, feet, inches, seconds and


Other functions include:
- Remote monitoring of status of external equipment.
- Creation of different user levels for easy access rights management (which allows to block the access in unwanted areas)
- Integrated remote firmware upgrade.

Our software is available for different Windows versions, Mac OS X and iOS (iPad). USB or Ethernet interface are also available. Grouping functions are supported for both interface types.




Ease Focus V2  is available for all our Line Array systems,  it can be downloaded for

free here.  Ease Focus V2 allows for simulating the behavior of our different systems

in different places and situations, it also allows for getting information about coverage,

frequency,  SPL  and general  system  behavior in an  easy and  comfortable  way to

achieve   the  maximum  performance  of  our   different   systems  for  all  our  users

independently of the type of place or event.
Training  courses  for  Pro DG Systems  users  are  available,  for more information,

consult our technical service at:




Our highly qualified R+D+i department works closely with all our partners and field

professionals worldwide collecting and valuing their opinions and suggestions to

satisfy all their requirements.

Developing high quality and reliable systems,  which make the job of our users and

customers easier, is essential for Pro DG Systems, thus, we bet on the innovation

and application of the last technology to develop our systems.




Reliability is indispensable for Pro DG Systems and it can only be guaranteed by an

exhaustive control and the continuous realization of quality testing.
All the parts and components  included in our systems are  exhaustively analyzed in

a 100% at our factory in Spain to ensure their correct operation.
Each  assembly  step is  supervised  to  ensure  that  the  system  strictly  fulfils  the

specifications of our brand.
In  addition,  our  systems  construction  allows  the  easy  replacement  of  whatever

component by our customers and users without the need of any alignment procedure,

which allows for restoring the functionality of the system quickly.




Our technical advisory service is always  concentrated and in constant communica-

tion with  our  customers  and users  to assist  all their  consults and  needs,  offer a

complete  training  and allow their constant  knowledge about the different updates

to obtain the maximum  performance of our systems in whatever type of situation or





Available for all the Pro DG Systems users worldwide.
Your needs will be attended quickly by our engineers to offer you an immediate solution.

Technical Service  worldwide is available to assist all our customers and serve all type

of spare parts for our systems in a fast and safe way.


(Consult the nearest technical service at:



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